From kitchen to classroom...

A greener future of conservation, sustainability, and healthy lifestyle begins with a love of plants. Kids that participate in school gardens are 5x more likely to eat vegetables! We believe every child should have access to of life’s most beneficial experiences (both to the individual, and society as a whole). Plant Lab exists as a social-impact brand with sales benefitting classroom gardening programs.

Plant Lab is All-in-one

- Living, organic salad bar

- Fresh herb garden

- Seed starter

- Cloner

- Microgreens nursery

- Experimental garden

  • Hydroponics

    Grow up to 5x faster than soil, with up to 90% less water PLUS eliminate the 2 main causes of plant death: underwatering and overwatering.

  • Soil

    The “old-fashioned” way of starting seeds, and still a favorite. Probiotics in soil even have antidepressant properties! Plant Lab fits standard 10-20 trays.

  • Cloning

    Want to turn 6 tomato or basil plants into 50 plants in as little as 10 days? For FREE? Cloning is sustainable growing at its best…just add water.

  • Microgreens

    Up to 40x higher potency. Grow up to 1 1/2 nutrient-dense pounds in as little as 10 days. Mix into a fruit smoothie and even the pickiest eaters won’t notice.

Commercial-grade prosumer features

The new standard for indoor gardening

-Grow up to 50 plants at a time

-Explore 100's of varieties not available in stores

-Perform hundreds of A/B experiments​

-$4.16/month or lower cost to operate​

-Add water + nutrients once/month

-​No proprietary seed pods or subscriptions​

-24" W x 12" deep x 14-24" adjustable height

We support you on your plant-growing journey

1. Easily control lights, fans, and AUX power manually or from your smartphone, even while away from home

2. Discover the best varieties to grow, and how to grow them step by step

3. Join a community of growers to learn and share experiences and discoveries